Cleanup of Laurel Point Park - Former Site of Paint Factory
Client: Transport Canada
Location: Victoria, British Columbia
Services Used: Environmental Remediation, Soil Remediation
Timeframe: 2018 - Ongoing
Project Value: $17.7 Million



QM Environmental, through its Joint Venture, QM/JJM Contracting, was awarded the $17.66 million contract by Transport Canada for the complete removal of contaminants from the ecosystem at Laurel Point Park, located in the Middle Harbour of Victoria in British Columbia.

Between 1906 and 1975, Laurel Point Park, located in the Middle Harbour of Victoria, was the site of a former paint factory. Industrial activities left persistent contaminants in the soil, posing a threat to marine life. 

Demolition, Hazardous Materials Abatement, Training


The project involves removing about 35,000 cubic metres of contaminated soil and replacing it with clean soil. 

Barges will transport both types of soil to and from the site, and all work will be done to accommodate noise bylaws with minimal effect to nearby businesses. 

The Laurel Point Park cleanup is the final phase of Transport Canada's comprehensive Middle Harbour Remediation Project to preserve the harbour and remove persistent contaminants from the ecosystem. The first phase successfully remediated contaminated underwater sediments in Victoria Harbour.


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