Infection Control

As one of the first nation-wide contractors in Canada, QM provides the highest standards of Infection Control practices. 

QM is the first nation-wide company to provide the highest standards of Infection Control practices in Canada. Our technicians have the recognition and expertise to execute, design, build and train in activities related to infection surveillance and control. Our personnel has been trained in the CAN/CSA Z317.13 standards and have experience completing some of the largest and most complex projects in both acute and non acute health care facilities across Canada.

Utilizing the latest technologies, we’re fully equipped and prepared to handle a wide range of techniques and materials to provide your project the guarantee of a safe working environment. Our safety record in Canada is our most proud possession. QM is the gold standard for site safety and with the 35 years of experience we possess, we will be a valuable member of your infection control activities.

Our Infection Control 

Services include:

  • Infection Control Plans
  • Infection Control Risk Assessment
  • Hoarding plans
  • Air Handling Unit (AHU) requirements
  • Containment design
  • Pressure monitoring

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