QM Environmental Disinfection Services

Our technicians are fully equipped to handle any Covid-19 related emergency safely and effectively

Covid-19 Environmental Disinfection by QM Environmental is a sanitation technique that aims to sanitize facilities by destroying pathogenic microorganisms. During outbreak periods, microorganisms and bacteria can spread rapidly, affecting both employees and customers.

By sanitizing the premises of your business, you create a safer environment for your customers and employees avoiding heavy economic losses.

Know the benefits of QM Environmental Disinfection services:

  • Our disinfection and sanitization service guarantees the control of biological risk from surfaces and environments eliminating bacteria’s, virus, and fungi.

  • We use noncorrosive disinfectants with the highest quality standards in the market (CDC Approved).
  • We provide emergency response services and periodic visits to keep your business safe and risk-free.

Technicians are fully equipped
CERCA Verified

Types of Work Performed:

Decontamination, Disinfectant, and Deep-Cleaning

Periodic Scheduled visits to disinfect and sanitize your business: A constant commitment to keep your facilities clean and safe.

Emergency response: Immediate response with presence throughout the nation. QM Environmental Emergency Action Centre (EAC) operates round-the-clock responding to various types of incidents for hundreds of companies and agencies throughout Canada. We have in the past and present, gained valuable experience dealing with virus outbreaks such as the Avian flu, COVID-19, and many more.

Hazardous and Infectious Waste Management

QM Environmental personnel treat and disinfect hazardous and infectious waste in and around infected sites.
We ensure that the waste is properly packaged/labeled, shipped and disposed. Typical hazardous and infectious waste includes used medical materials and disposables, as well as contaminated workspace materials and debris.

Ideal for:

  • Wide-area Industrial Facilities (buildings, structures, hospitals, schools, airports, hotels etc.)
  • Fleet and Equipment
  • Mass volume of isolation, disinfecting, and decontamination
Environmental Disinfection services

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