Scope of Training

Scenarios are created for the purpose of testing a client’s Facility and Emergency Response plan(s). This may include elements associated with emergency teams, plans, or emergency processes. Goals are set and scenarios are customized to each client’s products, containers and processes. Table tops can be used to test or prepare for any part of the emergency process.

Requirements for testing under:

    • Environment Canada E2 CEPA 200
    • Transport Canada ERAP
    • Responsible CAER – CIAC
    • Responsible Distribution – CACD

The duration of the training will be between 4-16 hours, depending on the client’s needs.

The goal of the table top is to create an understanding and comfort when responding to or mitigating unforeseen events involving hazardous materials and will allow for analysis of response team efforts and provide an opportunity to address gaps in training and/or response process.

The client will receive a critique report and a letter of test completion to be kept on file for regulatory compliance and trade association due diligence programs.

Table top scenarios / mock scenarios (Small – City Wide) / Evacuation / ERP Specific Testing.

Hours of Training

4 to 16 Hours

Course Topics

Programs are built to the specific requirements of the plan being tested or reviewed.