We have dedicated the time and resources necessary to establish solid and collaborative relationships with Indigenous peoples and businesses, all of which translate into a more productive and safer work environment.

These partnerships have laid the foundation for improved client and stakeholder relations and project success. We respect and value local culture, tradition and protocol, and recognize how critical these elements are to effectively working with the businesses, organizations and individuals within the communities we operate.

Advanced Business Match

QM is a proud supporter of Advanced Business Match, an organization that connects national networks of decision-makers to create opportunities for business, training and employment. We work collaboratively with Indigenous communities, companies and organizations to achieve their goals by providing support and guidance that aligns with their values.

Advanced Business Match (ABM)

Indigenous People and Communities

QM’s Indigenous Inclusion and Capacity Building Program is our corporate commitment to engaging Indigenous peoples on the projects we undertake. The Program is a proven methodology of integrating with, and contributing to, local Indigenous communities, businesses and peoples through training, employment, sub-contracting and other business ventures.

Examples of our commitment and continued success include the following:

    • Training: Over 750 Indigenous peoples have received training across Canada in the fields of remediation, demolition, hazardous materials abatement and handling, and emergency response and management. Many of these people have been subsequently hired by QM or other employers in a variety of industries.
    • Employment: Indigenous peoples have comprised up to 70% of on-site labour on QM projects in sum exceeding $150,000,000 in contract value.
    • Aboriginal Business Ventures: QM has developed productive business ventures with Indigenous groups including joint ventures and facility operations.

Community Engagement and Empowering Youth

The cornerstone of our Partnerships with Purpose is effective community engagement with value added opportunities leading to long-term capacity building. From project start to finish, we work closely with our clients, partners and communities to identify and realize mutually beneficial and value added opportunities. For example, we have worked with the staff and students of high schools in remote communities to identify, train, coach and motivate young people to work on-site while gaining credits towards their high school graduation. Another example is the urban-based NPAAMB Program, a standalone intensive six-week program with a broad range of specialized courses and life skills that equip youth and adults to work in a variety of industries and environments. From start to finish, our teams work closely with the participants, the NPAAMB and with others in the industry to offer an optimized learning experience, with applied and practical skills including job readiness assessments and coaching.

It is our goal to engage in meaningful dialogue and open the lines of effective communication to give back to the communities with whom we work in order to develop long-term and meaningful relationships. We achieve this through a committed team of individuals and a corporate culture that understands, supports and promotes Partnerships with Purpose.