Does the thought of an emergency event keep you up at night?

Establish and implement a program that is appropriate for your company culture. Discover how emergency and continuity management can improve the organizational likelihood of recovery from a major event and foster continual improvement through the Plan-Do-Check-Act continuum.

Through our in-house emergency management & business continuity expertise, QM environmental is here to support your emergency response plan development, maintenance, training/exercises and planning needs.

Emergency Plans Available

Our tailor-made plans that are customizable according to the needs and industries of each of our clients:

Emergency Response Plans

Emergency Response Plan (ERP)
Customized Spill Contingency Plan (SCP)
E2 Plans (E2)

Transportation and TDG

Emergency Response Assistance plans & planning (ERAP)
Customized Transportation Emergency Response plan development & planning (TERP)

Crisis Management

Business Continuity Plans & Programs
Crisis Management Plans (CMP)
Emergency Management Plan
Crisis Communications Plan
Pandemic/Infectious Disease Plan

Emergency Planning Training Exercises

Customized Emergency Response Plan Training & Exercises
E2 Exercises
Crisis Communications/ Media Relations
Spokesperson Training
Active Shooter / Workplace violence
Incident Management System (IMS) / Incident Command System (ICS)
EOC/ICP Training

Photo of Ontario Floods
First Responder Responding to a spill
Emergency-Responders descending aShip

Industries we serve 

With national and international experience, we are pleased to serve the following industries and more:








First Responders




Oil & Gas

Construction, Transportation, Chemical, Environment, Food & Beverage, Waste Management, Entertainment and Recreation, Hospitality and many more! 

Training & Exercises

Customized Solutions Specific To Your Operations

Training & Exercises that support the development and competencies of key response personnel that will be called upon to respond to an emergency event.

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