Emergency Response

As Canada’s leading Emergency Response service provider, we manage a wide range of environmental hazardous incidents on land, water and rail. With full service capabilities, we have the advantage of drawing upon our other divisions for soil and water remediation, hazardous materials abatement, and demolition/decommissioning to handle the most complex incidents for our customers.

Qualified Emergency Responders

Our expertise in the safe management of contaminated materials includes chemical and fuel spills, tanker rollovers, train derailments, and the release of toxins into both soil and water.

We have qualified teams of emergency responders who can quickly mobilize and contain the site, accurately assess the damage, and develop a plan to safely mitigate and dispose of hazardous materials. Our plans address potential health dangers, reduce risk to the environment, and minimize loss and liability for our clients.

For the convenience of our clients, we have offices, teams and equipment strategically located throughout Canada. Our fully equipped units include trailers, decontamination teams, booms, boats, and all levels of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Units offer specialized containment, as well as the transfer and analytical equipment required for all classes of dangerous goods.

Our Services Include:

    • Emergency response plan development and support
    • National emergency call centre
    • Decontamination – Level 4 disease control
    • Clandestine drug lab management and evidence storage
    • 24/7 national emergency spill response
    • Marine response and boom deployment
    • High risk industrial cleaning
    • Confined space management and rescue

Industrial Services

Our emergency response teams are equipped to clean a broad array of tanks and offer services that include large scale tank cleaning, tank and vessel cleaning during the decommissioning process, and fuel oil tank cleaning for preventative maintenance.

CERCA Certified

A CERCA Verified Contractor

We are a certified member of the Canadian Emergency Response Contractors Alliance (CERCA). Our services are delivered through highly trained emergency response professionals that effectively manage all aspects of complex hazardous environmental emergencies.

Our teams are certified in accredited Hazardous Materials, High Risk Rescue, and Environmental, Health and Safety programs that meet the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards, and are licensed to handle and transport dangerous goods through the Transportation of Dangerous Good (TDG) in Canada.

TEAP 3 Certified

TEAP III Transportation Emergency Response Service Provider Standard

We are proud to be one of only a few service providers across the country that is TEAP certified. The TEAP III Transportation Emergency Response Service Provider Standard sets out requirements for planning, administration, training, resource utilization and other aspects of transportation emergency preparedness and response. A rigorous assessment process is applied to carefully identify service providers qualified for TEAP certification, with an objective to build a nationwide network capable of safely and efficiently responding to, controlling, containing and remediating the impacts of a chemical transportation incident.

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