Highway 63

Highway 63 in Northern Alberta is a busy stretch of highway connecting the communities of the Athabasca Oil Sands. As the main artery feeding in and out of oil industry hotspots like Fort McMurray.


Gunnar Mines

A Toxic Legacy. Decades of neglect left this former uranium mine site in a dangerous state of decay. More than a mine site, in fact, Gunnar Mines was a community turned ghost town when in 1963, the mines shut down.


Rock Bay

The clean-up of a former coal gasification plant in Rock Bay, BC has been one of the most significant remediation projects in Canadian history.


Hartley Bay

Remedial Excavation and Demolition Work in Remote First Nation Community. QM Environmental completed a site remediation and civil works project for the remote First Nation community of Hartley Bay located at the mouth of the inlet to Kitimat, BC.