QM Environmental was awarded the RFP 33.6 Subcontract as part of the Portlands Flood Protection and Enabling Infrastructure project in Toronto. 

The scope of work involved:

  • Demolition of a historic dockwall
  • Dry and wet excavation, including dredging
  • Management and tracking of excavated material
  • Underwater placement of marine geotextile
  • Underwater placement of a subaqueous barrier layer comprised of granular activated carbon
  • Placement of river finishes 


QM Environmental conducted this work using conventional and long-reach excavators from land and a floating barge section. All work was undertaken in a turbidity curtain to prevent turbidity from entering the Toronto harbour. 

QM Environmental Services: 

  • Dry excavation of over 3000 m3 of material
  • Wet excavation/dredging of over 13,000 m3 of material
  • Demolition of over 65m of dockwall
  • Placement of approximately 3300m2 of marine geotextile underwater
  • Placement of 3300m2 of a subaqueous barrier layer (granular activated carbon)
  • Placement of over 2000MT of river finishes, including rip-rap, armour stone and habitat boulders 
  • State-of-the-art survey using grade control and bathymetric survey techniques to document underwater conditions
  • State-of-the-art soil tracking and data management using proprietary software
  • Removal of historical, unknown underwater structures such as timber piles, walers, etc. 
  • Monitoring of dockwall for vibration during periods of active construction work.

Project Info


Project Timeline:
May to August 2021

Project Value:

Toronto, ON