Our team can help you treat, manage, and properly dispose of contaminated water and runoff to properly comply with environmental regulations. Our effective treatment techniques will reduce contaminants found in water to environmentally-friendly levels that comply with government regulations.

QM’s team of experienced water treatment specialists focus on designing, developing, and implementing cost-effective systems – both fixed and mobile – that treat a wide range of contamination. Our team will assess the scope and nature of your particular challenge and custom build a water treatment plan that addresses your unique needs.

Our system removes contaminants through a multi-stage process of screening, aerating, and filtering. Following treatment, we analyze water samples to comply with pollution control standards before the water is discharged into the environment.

Groundwater Treatment
Sludge Management and Disposal

Our Services Include:

    • Groundwater Treatment: Treating groundwater is often a vital component of the remediation and decontamination process. Utilizing specialized equipment and techniques, our experts assess, install, and operate groundwater treatment systems that remove contaminants from water before it is recycled back into the environment.
    • In-Situ Water Treatment: In-situ water treatment is a cost-effective technique that involves treating contaminated water in its natural environment or “in the ground” rather than pumping the water out.
    • Mobile Water Treatment System: Our portable water filtration system effectively removes a wide variety of organic contaminants. Consisting of two 500-lb treatment vessels, bag filters, pumps and a generator, it can be customized to include holding tanks, an oil/water separator and sand filter system. As a low maintenance solution, the system can be controlled remotely and requires minimal ongoing maintenance.
    • Sludge Management and Disposal: Infused with chemicals, oils, toxins and impurities, sludge can pose a serious environmental threat. We mitigate risk by applying a variety of environmentally sustainable methods and technologies to safely treat and dispose of sludge.

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