Scope of Training

This course consists of both theory and practical learning with hands-on evolution. The class size is kept small to ensure instructor/student ratio benefits the student. Learner competencies will align with NFPA core competencies for high angle rescue.



Hours of Training

Course duration is 40 hours.

Learning Competencies

    • Managing resources
    • Incident surveys
    • Scene surveys and searches
    • Helicopter support operations
    • Incident size up and hazard control
    • Patient management
    • Equipment maintenance
    • Rescue knots and rigging
    • Hardware and software identification, use, care and maintenance
    • Personal Protective Equipment
    • Line and personal logs
    • Hazard identification in the high angle environment
    • Levels of response – Awareness, Operations and Technician
    • Belay and haul system introduction
    • Introduction to rescue team environment
    • Introduction to working in the high angle environment