Project Description


Demolition of a Former Sour Gas Facility

QM Environmental was the successful proponent to execute the demolition a former sour gas facility in a remote area of Northern Alberta for Husky Energy.

Structures that were demolished included buildings, compressors, vessels, tanks, piping systems and flare stacks.

QM’s demolition team developed an execution plan for each component of the demolition and adhered to the plan throughout the demolition activities.

Project Scope

Under the contract, QM’s demolition team performed the following services, among others:  

    • There were over 20 buildings on-site ranging from storage facilities to compressor buildings. The buildings were constructed of various materials, which were sorted and the debris was sent to landfill, while other materials were recycled.
    • Other large items included holding tanks and vessels. The larger and thinner wall tanks were demolished using excavators and shears. Where the vessels had a thickness of over ¾” workers using torching equipment dismantled these items by hand.
    • The compressor buildings contained process equipment, motors, compressors and other heavy items that were either cut apart using excavators equipped with shears or via torching methods.
    • All steel on-site was processed to mill specifications and steel was recycled through a scrap dealer and the ferrous materials were sent directly to rail.
    • Footings and foundations were removed to 1.5m below grade and all concrete was processed to 6″ minus with rebar removed. The concrete was stockpiled onsite for further re-use.


The project was completed in the fall and winter months in Northern Alberta, which posed challenges that were overcome.  Many local vendors were utilized throughout the project, and QM exceeded the Indigenous inclusion standard set on the project.

Project Info

Husky Energy Demolition

Husky Energy

Rainbow Lake, Alberta

Services Used:
Demolition, Decommissioning