Project Description


Abatement and Demolition of 53-Year-Old Secondary School

On July 15, 2016, Canyon City Construction awarded QM the contract to demolish the old F.H. Collins Secondary School, working in partnership with the Kwanlin Dun First Nation.


During the initial stages of the project, crews discovered various hazardous construction materials found in the school including asbestos in the pipe insulation, as well as mercury in light fixtures, thermostats and switches.

Training programs were regularly scheduled to ensure that all new and current workers were properly trained for entering high risk abatement.

An Integrated Approach

Demolition and Salvage

The demolition phase required the removal of all reusable items, including lifting and relocating smaller buildings, an above ground storage tank, and the removal and salvage of mechanical equipment.

QM met the mandate of the City of Whitehorse by diverting 50% of demolition from landfill into recycle or reuse. A great proportion of the materials were salvaged for reuse in local communities.

Hazardous Materials Abatement

All hazardous materials were abated and removed from the building prior to the demolition. QM conducted frequent air monitoring tests to ensure all control measures were effective. During disposal, all debris containing hazardous material was safely contained prior to transportation.

Aggregate Production and Backfill

Final stages required the production and placement of 30,000 tonnes of engineered backfill. The concrete foundation of the building was recycled by processing in place and used as backfill.


    • Two underground oil tanks were removed and an above-ground tank was installed.
    • An aggressive salvage program led to over 50% of materials being reused for local communities.
    • The new F.H. Collins Secondary School was opened on January 14, 2016.

Project Info

F.H. Collins Secondary School

Canyon City Construction

Whitehorse, Yellowknife

Services Used:
Hazardous Materials Abatement, Demolition and Salvage


Project Value:
$4.4 Million