Project Description


Remedial Excavation and Demolition Work in Remote First Nation Community

QM Environmental completed a site remediation and civil works project for the remote First Nation community of Hartley Bay located at the mouth of the inlet to Kitimat, BC. The multidisciplinary project had several stakeholders including the Hartley Bay Band Council, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada as well as BC Hydro.


QM completed a remedial excavation of approximately 2,000 tonnes and drainage upgrades throughout this remote coastal First Nation community. The main excavation was situated on the foreshore area and extended to a depth of over three meters below the high tide level.

An Integrated Approach

The project scope involved the removal of an existing diesel generating station, excavation and site remediation of hydrocarbon contaminated soils and placement of a refurbished generating station. Project tasks comprised of site preparation, remedial excavation, offsite soils disposal, backfill and compaction and re-establishment of several structures and utilities.

Remediation Work

The project initially comprised of clearing, grubbing and base preparation, as well as the installation of a temporary generator for the community during the duration of the work.

Fuel lines were removed and replaced and approximately 3,500 tonnes of impacted soil were removed.

A new concrete foundation was constructed and, subsequently, the placement of a newly refurbished diesel generating station was completed along with associated civil works.

A construction environment management plan and an erosion and sediment control plan were prepared by the QM team given the sensitive adjacent marine environment.

Demolition Work

The demolition phase include a complete demolition of an old former powerhouse and disposal of non-salvageable materials and general refuse from the solid waste collection overflow.


    • QM worked closely with the Gitga’at First Nation community through all phases of the project including a capacity building program completed by 23 members, six of whom were hired on the project.
    • QM gifted the community with over $10,000 worth of household items, and provided three days of training.
    • QM maintained a high safety standard throughout the project and completed to schedule with zero issues.

Project Info

Hartley Bay

Gitga’at First Nation First Nation

Hartley Bay, British Columbia

Services Used:
Remediation, Excavation Design, Demolition and Reconstruction


Project Value:
$1.6 Million